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With Kalia Davis

I AM...

Kalia Davis

My friends call me KD. 

On the field, I'm #93.

Online, I'm KDesius.


No matter the name, the man doesn't change.

In a world that should be more connected than ever,  the time we spend curating perfect social media posts has left less time for forming real, unedited, and meaningful connections. As an athlete, that means doom-scrolling Twitter to see what people are saying about you.

Using gaming, I want to build bridge between myself and the fans. 

I hope to use this platform to bring together the football and eSports communities and, in the future, provide support for kids with the same dream.

Join me in the trenches and, you know what:

Y'all can call me KD.



Recruited as a linebacker from  Pensacola, FL and moving through positions at UCF, I eventually found my home:

hand down in the SF 49ers dirt as

Defensive Tackle


Second only to football, video games are my passion. Check back in the future for a stream schedule!


Join me in my live Twitch streams to play or chat!


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