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I spend my free time much like I spend my time on the field: competing.

Video games have been a huge part of my life since childhood. In 2019, I turned this passion into more than a hobby by joining the North American eSports team Outcast Region.


A huge part of my love for gaming is the ability to get to know and stay connected with friends all over the world. By streaming on Twitch, I hope to reach more people in a real, live, and unedited way.


I am blessed to be working with GFUEL, the best 0 sugar/0 calorie energy drink! If y'all ever need extra hype for UCF gameday use this link and code: KDESIUS for a discount!

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New to twitch?

I hope to use Twitch as a way to have real interactions with fans and get to know some of the people who are up in the stands cheering us on.


On Twitch, there is a live chat box that I can read and respond to while I'm playing. I can also invite people from that chat box to join my games.


If you don't have a Twitch account, they're free and easy to set up at! Make sure to follow @KDesius and turn on notifications so you always know when I am live!

Day after gameday streams

After every UCF gameday, I'll be live on Twitch at 7 PM the following night! 

These streams happen at a scheduled time so y'all can set a notification to come  play and chat with me LIVE. Twitch accounts are free, however, subscribers get access to other chat functions. Subscribing is free for Amazon Prime members (make sure to link the account)!

unannounced streams

Many times throughout the week, I will go live on Twitch playing anything from Fortnite to Warzone to League of Legends.

During these streams, I may bring people from the chat in to play so this is your chance to go live with me without a token! Be sure to turn on notifications on my Twitch so you know when I'm live!

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Let's be up front:

Donations are never expected

If you like the content and want to donate in some way to help me cover the website and business costs, I would be greatly appreciative!


- Twitch Subscribing (free for Amazon Prime Members!)

- Twitch bit donations when I'm live streaming!

- Direct Donations

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