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I spend my free time much like I spend my time on the field: competing.

Video games have been a huge part of my life since childhood. In 2019, I turned this passion into more than a hobby by joining the North American eSports team Outcast Region.


A huge part of my love for gaming is the ability to get to know and stay connected with friends all over the world. By streaming on Twitch, I hope to reach more people in a real, live, and unedited way.


I am blessed to be working with GFUEL, the best 0 sugar/0 calorie energy drink! If y'all ever need extra hype for gameday use this link and code: KDESIUS for a discount!

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New to twitch?

I hope to use Twitch as a way to have real interactions with fans and get to know some of the people who are up in the stands cheering us on.


On Twitch, there is a live chat box that I can read and respond to while I'm playing. I can also invite people from that chat box to join my games.


If you don't have a Twitch account, they're free and easy to set up at! Make sure to follow @KDesius and turn on notifications so you always know when I am live!

Fan interaction streams

Currently, I stream at random times during my free time but I intend to set up a reliable schedule in the future so you can plan to see me!

Check back for a streaming schedule!

unannounced streams

Many times throughout the week, I will go live on Twitch playing anything from Fortnite to Warzone to League of Legends.

During these streams, I may bring people from the chat in to play so this is your chance to go live with me without a token! Be sure to turn on notifications on my Twitch so you know when I'm live!

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Let's be up front:

Donations are never expected

If you like the content and want to donate in some way to help me cover the website and business costs, I would be greatly appreciative!


- Twitch Subscribing (free for Amazon Prime Members!)

- Twitch bit donations when I'm live streaming!

- Direct Donations

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