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Kalia  Davis

Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida and attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) for college makes me a Floridian through and through.

I started playing football as a young kid who would have to sweat out water before games just to be a low enough weight to play running back in little league.

Clearly, I kept getting bigger.

At West Florida High School, I proved to be a force at the linebacker position turning into a local household name. In fact, I was recruited to UCF as a linebacker.

However, I got even bigger.

At 6'2" and 300 pounds, I may not be a running back anymore (unless you want me there, coach!) but, here at UCF, I have found my home on the defensive line as an agile, quick, and disruptive tackle.

Join me in the trenches

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The rundown


I'm 1 of 6 kids in a family that is currently spread out between Orlando, Pensacola, Hawaii, Atlanta, and Indiana.


  • I'm a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

  • My favorite athletes are Aaron Donald and Tom Brady.

  • My favorite sports to watch are football and basketball.


  • I play and stream video games like Fortnite, Warzone, and League of Legends.

  • My favorite streamers are Nickmercs and Tyler1.

  • My favorite food is pizza. 


To lead by example and use social media to form real, meaningful connections between athletes and the fans cheering them on.


Taking care of yourself is just as much mental as it is physical. 

I remember sitting in a hot tub and scrolling through Twitter while on a weekend trip with my girlfriend's family. At one point, I saw brutal tweets about another college football player and, in that moment, I looked up and said:

"Wow. That could be me".

Being constantly exposed to that level of criticism can take a real mental toll and many athletes feel the pressure.


For so many people watching the games, we are no more than a number they watch run around a screen once a week. I wanted to reach out through platforms like Twitch or Youtube to form connections with the fans. However, before the changes to the name, image, likeness (NIL) laws, it was difficult to know when you could use your identity as a college football player to reach out given that there is often financial compensation for the time and energy put into making content.

Now that has changed. 

I intend to use my platforms as a way to build a bridge between the field and the stands.

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Let's be up front:

Donations are never expected

If you like the content and want to donate in some way to help me cover the website and business costs, I would be greatly appreciative!


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